Sara Dittrich

Here are selections of my work with the multi-disciplinary artist Sara Dittrich. She is a gifted artist with whom I have enjoyed working since 2012.

We enjoyed our first joint exhibition, Symphony of Gestures, in 2015 at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, MI. 

A collaborative performance between composer Benjamin Buchanan and sculptor Sara Dittrich. One performer begins the performance by tapping to their heart pulse. The weight of the drumstick quickens the performer's pulse until they are physically unable to tap any longer. When exhausted, they hand the heart pulse sensor to the other performer to continue the tapping. The performers switch on and off tapping duties until the end of the exhibition. The video shows segments of the 2 hour performance taken during the show Simultaneous Actions, an exhibition where multiple performances were happening simultaneously.

The Buchanan Brothers

Collaborations with my older brother, Douglas Buchanan: pianist, organist, composer-extraordinaire.


Doug and I are the founders and directors of  Voices Rise: A Baltimore Choir of Hope, an organization hosted by Paul's Place that works to foster a spirit of rehabilitation through the cultivation of community obtained through the shared joy of music creation. What a mouthful? Find out more here.